Timetable of Events

This is the current schedule for the Autumn Crown Tournament weekend. Times may vary if weather or Crown dictate changes are necessary.

Saturday, 13 March 2021
8:00 am Site opens for stewarding team
9:00 am Site/Constable opens, merchants set up
10:00 am Kingdom A&S Competition opens
Merchants open
11:00 am Crown Tournament armour inspections open
11:30 am Invocation Court begins on the lawns followed by Crown Tournament
12:00 pm Picnic Lunch on the lawns (or inside if weather dictates)
1:00 pm Lunch service completed and cleared
2:30 pm Investiture of Royal Heirs – Presentation of Wreaths of Valour and Chivalry
3:00 pm Pelican Meeting
3:30 pm Rapier Inspection/Lists Open
4:00 pm Rapier Tournament begins
4:30 pm Order of Chivalry Meeting
A&S Judging conducted
6:00 pm Regalia/Council of the Purse Meeting
7:00 pm Feast begins
10:30 pm Hall Closes
Sunday, 14 March 2021
8:00 am Site opens
9:00 am Target Archery on the Bullring Lawns
Merchants Setup
Armour Inspection for the Rose Tournament/Lists Open
10:00 am Rose Tournament
Masters of Defense Meeting
11:00 am Laurel meeting
12:00 pm Closing Court
12:30 pm Lunch
2:00 pm Site closes