Timetable: Panther Crown 2020

This timetable is not finalised. There will be more activities to be added over the coming months, with consultation with the Crown and Their Heirs.


  • 12pm: Site opens to event organisers
  • 3pm: Site opens to populace and campers may set up
  • 5pm til late: Soup Kitchen and Games in the small Pavilion.


  • 10am: Invocation Court
  • 11am Crown Tournament
  • 3pm Panther Hunt Shoot
  • 5-9pm: Victory Feast
  • 8pm: Night Shoot


  • 8-12am: Peerage Meetings
  • 10am Children’s Boffer Tournament
  • 9am-3pm Archery Field open for games, kids monster shoot.
  • Rapier Tournament TBC
  • 3pm: Event Closes

A more detailed timetable will be released closer to the event with consultation of the Crown.

If you would like to add an item to the timetable please contact the Steward