Autumn Crown is Imminent! What will you do? (Important information included)

Unto the Populace of Lochac, greetings!

Autumn Crown is two weeks away. This is not a mistake! The Crown Tournament to determine the heirs to King Rowland and Queen Tailltiu is just two weeks away. Have you booked? The event can, under current COVID restrictions, handle 180 people and we’re over 120 already. Don’t forget to book at (you have until tomorrow night to book before the prices go up). That’s not the reason for this email though.

First, some mundane stuff then something fun.

Health and Legal Advice

For those coming to Autumn Crown, we are looking forward to seeing you! There are a couple of things to remember, as this is in Victoria.

  1. For those fighting, or handling weapons and weapon-like equipment, there are rules that need to be followed. Find out more details here:
  2. With the current health crisis, there are rules and guidelines on how to be in public. These may change in the next two weeks, but the latest rules can be found here:
  3. There is currently a Travel Permit System in place for out-of-state visitors. Please ensure that you have the correct permits. Details on the current permit requirements can be found here:
  4. There is a COVID plan for the event, which includes details about ‘social bubbles’ (the people you sit with for the feast, and any close relatives or housemates who also attend but sit elsewhere, are your ‘social bubble’). Be aware of the rules here:

Coming to Crown (being involved)

Ok, you’ve read through all that and are prepared … what can you do at the event?

Buy stuff! There will be some market stalls on the day. The Shire of Bordescros, for example, is changing how we do loaner and hospit garb and so we’re selling off what we have in storage. Are you from a group that needs more stuff? Do you know people who need more (or any) garb? Come and talk to us! There will also be a couple of other stallholders as well.

Help out! There will be restrictions on who can approach the kitchen, and  how serving happens, but we could still do with volunteers to herald, marshal and run messages. We also have dignitaries visiting that require ladies and/or lords in waiting … the plague has cut down on retinues and our landed lords and ladies are travelling light! If you would like to offer service in any of these areas, please email with the subject “I want to help!” and detail how you wish to help.

Finalise payment! Bookings close on Wednesday, 10 March. If you have booked, please ensure that you have also paid by that date. When you book, a confirmation email is automatically sent with payment and direct deposit details. Bookings close on the 10th so that money paid on that day has time to arrive before the event. Likewise, if you wish to assist in any way (as mentioned above), letting us know before the close of bookings would be ideal.

Bring your bling! The theme for this event is Arthurian legend. Pageantry and display is the order of the day! Bring your banners and pinions, pennants and personal favours. Let us enjoy being out and being seen.

Only two weeks now … we can’t wait.

In service to the Kingdom and Crown of Lochac,

Sorle Maknicoll, Booking Officer
Autumn Crown in Bordescros